A lil’ Q and A, part one


Hey there!  It’s question and answer time!

A few weeks ago I put out an open call for questions about the comics industry.  A penance maybe, for having so many unanswered emails on these kinds of topics.  I’m sorry!  My email is terrible.

Anyway: I said I would answer the most frequently asked questions, to the best of my ability.  This isn’t a book on how to make comics, I can only speak from my own experience (in some places this will be painfully obvious), so keep that in mind.    Questions came from all over the spectrum of artists, so if you are, say, a teenager and read an answer that seems crazy inapplicable, I possibly had another type of person in mind when I typed the answer. 

This is part one, part two will have the big two questions that I got asked most of all- “how do I get people to read my comic” and “how do I generate an income.”  Anyway I’m still talking, as usual, too much of that, let’s get going.

(hope you like my meandering answers, I love meandering like babies love their mommas)

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Just gonna put Kate Beaton’s advice for comic creators up right here for no particular reason. ho hum.

Now listen – even people with the most talent and skill in the world will suck super badly when they start to make comics.  If your comic is bad right now it doesn’t mean that you are bad at making comics.  My first comics were awful.  Everyone’s are.  Some people are awful for a long time then stick with it and get good.  But you have to know you can.

(You can.)

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